Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ragnarok Prototype 2.0

In this version of the game I added a few things along with a second level.  There is an opening theme that plays until the first level is started.  Now the game recognizes that when an enemy character leaves the screen on level 1 that it is game over.  Also on level 2 the enemy characters move randomly but cannot leave the screen and one of the enemies drops an HP + 1 upon death.  Here's the link to the game:

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ragnarok Prototype

I'm using Stencyl to create my game Ragnarok.  This game is very simple but it's just a prototype.  Please feel free to try it out and give me recommendations.  Well here it is --->

Ragnarok Focus rewritten

“Ragnarok” is a simple aircraft shooter game that offers hours of gameplay that starts off easy but becomes more challenging with each passing level.  There are five levels per stage and at the end of a stage the hero must defeat a sub-boss before continuing on to the next stage.  The enemy’s movements and firing patterns are simple at first but then become increasingly complex as stages are completed.  As the game progresses the hero’s star-fighter, Ragnarok, becomes more powerful as it picks up power-ups and receives help from NPCs that our hero meets along their journey in order to destroy an ever increasingly difficult enemy.  The power-ups can increase firepower, defense or give Ragnarok a new ability for a short period of time.  The main character of the game is the lone survivor from a fleet of ships that were destroyed by hostile alien lifeforms.  These aliens called the Drood want to eradicate any life that is not their own.  Through trial and tribulation our hero must blast their way through Drood and destroy their mothership in order to get revenge and stop the production of new Drood ships.