Monday, November 4, 2013

Game Minute

     It's the year 4665 and you awaken in your fighter shaken up but not seriously hurt.  After checking to make sure you are not seriously injured you peer outside your cockpit to find that you are on a rock floating through space.  You attempt to remember how you got there but all you can remember is fighting alongside your kinsmen against the hostile Drood.  Suddenly, you snap out of your foggy haze and realize that the rock and your ship are being hit by fallen debris.  Looking closely at the rubble falling from the sky you recognize some of the serial numbers on chunks of the burning metal.  Knowing that you may be the only remaining survivor from your fleet you feel rage sweep over you.  The Drood must pay for what they have done.  Holding this idea of revenge inside you make repairs on your fighter and prepare to take on the entire Drood fleet.   Shortly after take off you encounter five of the remaining Drood fighters scouring the area for any remaining lifeforms.  They immediately fire upon you and you do not hesitate to return fire.  You weave through enemy fire and blast your way through as the Drood close in on you.  It seems as though five against one isn't fair odds for them.  They cannot keep up with your ships maneuverability.  Sure they may have landed a few shots but with only two remaining you make short work of them and continue on looking for more.  One of them drop a container containing a power-up for your ship.  You are delighted that this power-up will increase your firepower.

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