Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Brainstorm #1

Story: The hero is an ace fighter pilot who is the lone survivor after the destruction of his/her fleet.  His/her objective is to eradicate as many enemies as possible and to attempt to destroy their mothership.  The mothership is the hub of the enemy fleet and is where all of its fighters are made.  If the hero can destroy the mothership then his/her people will have a future without the threat of genocide.

Gameplay:  I would like to make this game very similar to that of Galaga or Warblade.  Basically it would be an aircraft shooter type.  The enemies would fly into the screen and it would be the job of our hero to destroy them all before progressing to the next screen.  The enemies will become progressively more difficult as each stage goes on.  Luckily our hero can collect power-ups or purchase them at the end of each stage.  Each stage will have multiple screens/parts.  I'm thinking like 8 or so and then a boss of slightly greater difficulty.   The finale will be the mothership!

Technology: I don't think it would require anything incredibly complex because games like this originally appeared at arcades and on consoles like the original Nintendo.   Maybe I could make it on Flash.


Ragnarok is a simple aircraft shooter type that offers hours of gameplay that is starts off easy but then becomes very challenging as the game progresses.  The main character of this game is the lone survivor after their fleet was destroyed by the alien scum.  Though this game has a simple story this is game that is easily picked up but very hard to put down.  The hero's star-fighter become more powerful with every enemy it destroys so that eventually they can get revenge for all those lost to its spawn.

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