Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Brainstorm #2

Story:  The second game I would like to create is an RPG.   This game has a brother vs. brother theme.  The hero of the story is an ex-miltary elite operative who was removed from his position because he was a loose cannon who didn't always play by the rules.  He then is suddenly called back into action because his anarchist twin brother is trying to rip apart humanity's civilization.  It is his goal to stop him at any cost.

Gameplay:  I'd like to create a fighting system that is something like Tales of Destiny.  This fighting system is a mixture of turn-based and side scroll.  The player would be able to physically move in the fight screen to dodge attacks or block but would not be able to select an attack or use an item until their command meter is full.  I think this will make it more interactive for the player and remove some of the boring things that come with a solely turn-based system.  After the player finishes a battle they will gain experience, obtain items, and be given a chance to enhance their player(s) attributes.

Technology:  This game could possibly be 3D but I think it would be easier to make a 2D version.  Though I would really love to have some cutscenes and a beautiful landscape.

Hopefully this makes sense because I'm a little scatterbrained.


Brothers is a game unlike other role playing games in its genre.  It sets itself apart with an interesting combat system that is neither active nor turn based but instead combines the two into a brilliant mixture. Characters can wield guns, blades, and sorcery to vanquish the enemy.  The main character of the story, Dyne, is an ex-military elite operative who is asked to return to service in order to help stop his twin brother from ripping apart humanity's civilization!   Along the way Dyne makes friends who join him in the fight to save everything they have ever known. This game's deep storyline can be altered through interaction with both playable and non-playable characters.

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