Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Brainstorm #3

Story: The last game I'm thinking about creating is an action-adventure game in the same genre as Dynasty Warriors.  The game takes place during the United States' Civil War.  The player can choose from one of characters in either the Union or Confederate Army.  Let's say there's 3 in each.  One being an officer, another enlisted, and the final one being from a militia. Note: these character ideas are subject to change.  Each character has their own story with different interactions and cutscenes.  The goal of course is the win the war against the opposing enemy.  I'm sure this game will have a mature rating because of its content but it will try to provide some historical accuracy (well besides the battles and outcome of the war.  I would like to capture the times).

Gameplay: In the story you will have to help strategize against your enemy as an army but you must also zoom into first/third person view to battle enemies as your chosen character.  You can pick up weapons, run, stab, and jump etc.. There will be cutscenes during important interactions and happenings.  These cutscenes will also be the product of the choices that you have made.

Technology:  This game would definitely have to be done in 3D.  Maybe I could try and use Unity or some other tool.


A Nation Divided is a real-time strategy game mixed with elements from the action adventure and role playing genres.  The game takes our player into the American Civil War, the feud that tore a young nation apart, and would ultimately be a stepping stone for emancipation.  The player can choose from one of three characters from the North and the South.  Once choosing a character and a side the player must strategize against the enemy's army as well as fight in combat down at the character level!  This game not only captures historical aspects but allows the player to make choices for their character that effect the outcome of the game and ultimately the war itself!

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